About Rafferty Roof Trusses Ltd

Established in 2000, Rafferty Roof Trusses Ltd specialises in providing high-quality roofing materials to domestic, commercial, and trade customers. Using more than 50 years of combined experience, our skilled team both design and manufacture tailored roof trusses and joists for your home or business. Working throughout the UK and Ireland, we also supply an array of roof tiles and accessories that will put the finishing touches on your roof.

Committed to Bespoke Truss Designs

Each member of our team is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the perfect roof truss for your property, whether it is a home of business premises. Our roof trusses, beams, and rafters will last for years to come, making them a truly cost-effective solution. All your needs will be taken into account during the design process, including whether you want the loft space to be a new room or storage, and the shape of your home. This allows us to create a safe, attractive, and suitable roof truss.