Structural Support Tailored for Your Building

Choose a tailored, made-to-measure solution for your building with our comprehensive web joist system. Suitable for all properties, the system is made from metal web floor joists and is designed by Rafferty Roof Trusses Ltd to meet your needs. Perfect for heat retention, the 72mm wide flanges provide a large area for fixing the floor, deck, and ceiling, while the depth is compatible with solid joist sizes. Our company also designs and manufactures roof trusses and supplies quality slate tiles.

An Array of Benefits

There are many reasons to choose our web system for your flooring. They include:

• Lightweight Construction
• Minimal Shrinkage or Swelling
• Erected in around 30% of the Time Required for Other Conventional Joists
• Can Be Loaded to Carry a Concrete Screen
• Can Be Top-Chord Supported
• The Reduction or Possible Elimination of Surface-Run Pipework
• Joists Made to Be Flame Retardants in Line with STA Guidance