Trusses Designed to Strengthen Your Roof

Make sure that your roof is supported and structurally sound with tailored roof trusses. At Rafferty Roof Trusses Ltd, we expertly design and manufacture a selection of roof and attic trusses, each of which is tailored to meet the individual requirements of your roof. Additionally, our roofing experts manufacture bespoke metal web joists.

Metal web joists

The Standard Design

For homes and offices that are set in normal-shaped buildings, and allow for the simple installation of roof trusses, we suggest choosing our standard truss design. Suitable for all bungalows, two-storey properties, and garages, the standard trusses will be tailored by our expert manufacturers to make them the perfect fit for your building.

Bobtail Attic Roof Trusses for Garages

Whether you have recently had a garage built onto your home or decided that your existing garage needs a new roof, we are able to provide a tailor-made solution. Rafferty Roof Trusses Ltd has created bobtail attic roof trusses that are designed for garages and will be altered to fit your garage perfectly.

Modified Scissor Roof Trusses

Our range of modified, tailored scissor roof trusses are the best solution for sunroom roofs. The scissor roof truss will raise the roof and ceiling of the room, making it feel much more spacious. Windows, guttering, fascias, and soffits can also be installed on newly modified scissor roof trusses to ensure the best finish.

Attic Trusses with No Floor Joists

For customers who have had concrete floor slabs installed, the attic roof truss with no floor joists is perfect. By choosing these trusses, you do not have to use purlin walls and steel, while the trusses are easy to install, which reduces the time and cost of labour. This design is the best choice for those who need roof trusses in a hurry.

Attic Roof Trusses

By choosing our attic-style roof trusses, you will make the most of the space within your roof. This makes them the ideal solution for clients looking to turn their loft space into a room, office, or storage facility. Equally as safe and sturdy as the standard design, the attic trusses give you the advantage of utilising the space in your home or office more effectively.